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Great Road adopts independent research and development of raw material including binders and auxiliary agents, and fully automated intelligent paint production line and comprehensive inspection and testing facilities for production and supply of the world's most widely used two components (cold plastic) , cold-paint(cold-solvent/water-based) and thermoplastic type road marking paint. To provide customized products and services, combining with different regional geographical environment differences and climate characteristics or according to the characteristics of individual customer needs.

Synthetic resin

Paint accessories

Coating accessories



  • 发动机:罗宾6.5HP汽油机
  • 涂料泵:9L/min合金超耐柱塞式
  • 喷枪配置:标配两把手动喷枪



  • 比重:1.99公斤/公升
  • 理论涂布率:2.7-3公升/平方米
  • 不粘胎干燥时间:<15分钟(23°C)


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