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    The road traffic thermoplastic marking line is really perfect


    As we all know, thermoplastic road marking line are suitable for many areas, including urban roads, residential roads, school roads, highways, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to elaborate on the specific performance characteristics of thermoplastic  markings, come on and see it.


    001Clear confirmation effect;;002Strong adhesion: The road marking paint has a strong adhesion performance to the ground, which can fully ensure the completeness and clarity of the marking. This is the summary of the construction experience of Jing kaiTengda for many years. Be sure to take a small notebook and write it down. However, the shorter the drying time of the general paint, the worse the adhesion, so this constitutes a contradiction. One of the key technologies in the road coating industry is how to solve this problem first;;003Abrasion resistance and long service life: Good road marking paint has a long service life, which can ensure that the marking remains complete and clear for a long time, and can reduce the manpower and material resources caused by repeated construction. Waste, and reduce the obstacle and impact on normal traffic;

    performance: Modern traffic requires not only day-time effects, but also night-time effects. Reflective lines at night can greatly improve the safety of driving at night, and at the same time, it can also improve the efficiency of driving at night. The more developed countries in the world pay attention to this point, the higher the visibility of roads at night;

    005Drying quickly during construction: There is uninterrupted traffic in the environment where the road marking paint is applied (even at night there is a certain amount of traffic). Therefore, road coatings are required to dry as quickly as possible. According to different coating types, it is generally required to open to traffic within 3 to 15 minutes. For general coatings, this requirement is almost too harsh, but it is a prerequisite for measuring whether a certain product can become a good road marking  paint ;

    Of course, in the process of research, production and use of actual coatings, the above requirements can only be met as much as possible, but it is impossible to fully meet the above requirements at the same time, and can only be focused. In addition, Jingkai Tengda’s thermoplastic road marking line mainly has the following performance characteristics and advantages

    01: The film has fast drying properties. It can be dried and opened to traffic 1-3min after painting, and construction can be carried out without blocking traffic;

    02: Good use effect. The coating film lines of thermoplastic marking line are complete and clear, with distinct edges and corners, high clarity, and a three-dimensional effect;

    03: Beijing thermoplastic road marking has excellent wear resistance. The coating film of the coating is durable, and the service life of the marking line can reach 2 years;

    04: Night reflection: Since glass reflective material is added to the thermoplastic  coating, glass beads can be scattered on the surface of the coating during construction, so it can obtain a better reflection effect, reduce traffic accidents, and meet the requirements of modern transportation facilities.


    For thermoplastic road marking paint, its fluidity is a very important technical indicator in the construction process. When changing the fluidity of thermoplastic road marking paint, it is generally achieved by increasing the resin content or using various processing aids. This approach will make it difficult to dry the paint to a certain extent, and at the same time will cause the coating film to be softer and easier. Contaminated with dirt. In addition, the more important point is to increase the content of additives or resins in the paint, which will increase the manufacturing cost of the paint at the same time.

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